Monday, January 3, 2022

Barrel Aged Black Metal

Way back in the long ago when i first started getting into craft beer, there were only a handful of places in the greater Austin area to get it.  There were a couple of bottle shops that were actually gas stations with impressive beer selections, a couple of pubs with the same, and a small smattering of breweries whose taprooms were makeshift affairs, picnic tables in parking lots and whatnot.  Jester King was out in the country, a farmhouse with picnic tables on ranchland instead of asphalt.  It was a meager operation back in the day, especially compared to their layout and spread now, and it's where i tried their Black Metal imperial stout for the first time some 10 or so years ago.  One of my all time favorites, even if the style is not quite in the brewer's wheelhouse anymore these days.  Recently, they teamed with Tulsa's American Solera for a barrel aged version of the brew, and i was fortunate enough to get a bottle over the holiday.  The 12% ABV brew pours black with very little head, a thin, brown fizz that dissipates almost as quickly as it appears.  Aromas of chocolate, vanilla, nuts, and alcohol are present, with the flavor following the nose, a kind of boozy mix of chocolate, hazelnut, and oak, something nice to sip on during the melee of Christmas.

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I never would have thought i'd still be writing this blog 10 years later when i started it back in the day.  It's been a lot of fun, and i hope that any of you that ever came across it were able to try some of these wonderful beers.  Signing off.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Spencer Trappist Holiday Ale

Christmas has come and gone again, and as per usual, i enjoyed a bevy of wonderful brews through all of the family and presents and food and chaos.  Enter the Trappist Holiday Ale from Spencer Brewery.  Everything that comes from Spencer is top quality and delicious, and their holiday ale is no different.  The 9% ABV brew pours a dark, reddish color with a foamy white head and smells of dark fruit, bread, and Christmas spices.  The flavor follows the nose with some notes of caramel and ginger in a medium body brew.  It's like somebody liquified a Christmas cookie, added some alcohol, and then mixed it to perfection.  Just a really solid beer all around and a wonderful libation for the holiday season.  Get on this one quick before you have to wait another year.

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Well gang, i think i may be putting this beer blog to rest here very soon.  Ten years on, i don't think there's anything left for me to say that i haven't already said a dozen times before.  It's been a fun decade though, and just by researching all these wonderful beers i've consumed each and every week, i've learned a lot about all of the different processes and ingredients and more that goes into these beverages i love so much.  I'm going to keep drinking them.  And i'm going to continue to visit every brewery i can get to.  Craft beer has never been an easy endeavor, these last two years in particular, but it will always have all the support i can give it.  I'll be back next week with one last entry to kick off a new year that is hopefully better than the ones that have preceded it.


Monday, December 20, 2021

Martin House Campfire Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial S'mores Stout

Martin House Brewing has a reputation for getting a little crazy and out of hand with their beer ideas every now and then, but when they hit it, they hit it out of the park.  And the 2021 edition of Campfire, their whiskey barrel-aged imperial s'mores stout does just that.  The 11.6% ABV brew pours black with a light brown/dark tan head and smells of chocolate, vanilla, and a little bit of booze.  The Flavor is a nice, thick, and sweet mix of said chocolate and vanilla, along with marshmallow, some graham cracker and roasted maltiness, and a nice bite of whiskey to tie it all together.  Enjoy this one outside on a moonlit night.

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Monday, December 13, 2021

Broken Bow Imperial Small Arms Dealer Pilsner

Earlier this year, my wife re-upped me into a Rare Beer Club, and as i am wont to do, i saved several bottles for consumption over the holidays.  One such brew was the Imperial Small Arms Dealer Pilsner from Broken Bow Brewery in Tuckahoe, New York.  The 8% pils pours gold with a foamy white head and smells of sweet fruit along with some malt and hoppy notes.  The flavor is a crisp and bitter mix of floral hops, bread, and maybe just a hint of honey with a dry finish.  Drink this one while grilling or watching a game.

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Monday, December 6, 2021

The Return of Imperial Stout

Generally when you think Texas brews, you think something sessionable...pales ales and pilsners and such.  It is hot here after all.  But the good folks over at San Antonio's Weathered Souls Brewing just consistently knock it out of the park with their stouts.  Maybe that should be our state brew instead.  Enter The Return of Imperial Stout.  The 12.3% brew pours black with a very minimal brown head and smells of chocolate, vanilla, coconut, and a little booze.  The flavor is a sweet mix of said chocolate, vanilla, and coconut along with some marshmallow (which the beer was brewed with), and those booze notes again.  It's a night time beer for sure, but a lovely way to end a weekend.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

3 Nations Banana Nut Bread Porter

I guess some days, you just need a beer that feels like breakfast.  And so we have the wonderful and strong Banana Nut Bread Porter from the good folks at 3 Nations Brewing.  It says it all on the can: vanilla, macadamia nut, coffee, and banana.  The 10% ABV brew pours black with a light tan head and smells like its ingredients, along with some notes of chocolate and toffee.  The flavor is a sweet and rich mix of vanilla, chocolate, banana, and nut with the coffee notes keeping things grounded and making for a perfect holiday beverage, something to sip and sit by the fire to.

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Monday, November 22, 2021

Hitachino Nest Saison du Japon

We've been kid free for the last couple of days due to a couple of groovy grandparents, and Paige and i decided to hit up the wonderful happy hour over at Uchiko for some food and drinks.  Said drink for me came in the form of the Hitachino Nest Saison du Japon from Kiuchi Brewery, a farmhouse ale brewed with local wheat and koji (malted rice).  The 5% ABV brew pours a nice gold with a white head with sweet aromas of lemon, fruit, grass, and some notes of yeast.  The flavor is sweet and citrusy with some notes of rice and sake, and maybe some hints of wheatgrass as well.  It's a perfect dinner beer.

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