Monday, July 15, 2019

Grain Shed Purple Egyptian

Whenever i travel, it's pretty much a given that i'm going to make it to a brewery or two or fifteen.  That's what i did in Spokane, Washington over the weekend, and out of all of the beer consumed, tried, and tasted, the Purple Egyptian from brewery/bakery called The Grain Shed left all other brews in the dust.  A 6% ABV old ale, the beer pours gold with a frothy, slightly off white head and smells of grain and notes of fruit and molasses.  The Purple Egyptian grains, harvested from the Nile River Valley in Egypt, bring out subtle dried fruit notes to the flavor, that along with the malts makes for an earthy, complex, yet very refreshing beer.  You could drink this one for breakfast...and we did.  I can't wait to get back there again.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Oddwood Ales Vermillionaire

Seriously, i am all about the pink beers this summer.  I can't control it.  I can't help myself.  Anyway, in my ongoing quest to visit 40-50 breweries this summer, i managed to get my wife and kids to join me at Oddwood Ales in Austin for some beer, some pizza, and some free video games.  The kids particularly enjoyed the video games.  I enjoyed the beer.  And my favorite was the Vermillionaire, a 6.6% ABV sour brew barrel fermented with raspberries.  Pouring a solid pink with an off white, pinkish, and quickly dissipating head, the beer smells of raspberries, cherries, and a slight tart funk.  The flavor is a crisp and sour mix of said raspberries and cherries that never goes overboard in any particular direction, making it a perfect after-dinner drink.  I even brought a bottle home.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Celis Waller Kriek

I've been on a fruity and sour beer kick of late, so much so that i actually had to decide which one to write up today.  I settled on the Waller Kriek, a Belgian Kriek Lambic from Celis here in Austin due to the brewery's recent financial struggles.  The 5% ABV beer pours a pink hue with a white and quickly dissipating head, and smells of tart cherries and a slight funky spice.  The flavor is sweet and tart, the cherries up front with a sour finish, a great Saturday afternoon kind of brew.  Get it while you can.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Humperdinks Raspberry Blonde

Over the weekend i met up with my family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to watch my niece play some softball and spend some time with everyone.  While there, i made it over to Humperdinks Brewpub, a place with a little bit of nostalgia for me as it was a joint my dad used to frequent years ago.  To be honest, i think he just enjoyed that they have a beer called Buttface Ale.  My sons enjoyed that too.  And so, after a Buttface Ale for my dad, i had their Raspberry Blonde.  Pouring pink with a light pink and bubbly head, the 4.7% ABV brew smelled guessed it...raspberries, along with some citrus and spice notes.  The flavor was a crisp and refreshing mix guessed it again...raspberries, along with those same citrus and spice notes.  A very pleasant summer beer that may be too sweet for some, but complimented my dinner of fried food perfectly.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Family Business El Verano Single-Hop Juicy IPA

Yesterday was Father's Day and somehow i convinced my family to go with me to not one, but two breweries out in the Central Texas Hill Country.  My boys even seemed to enjoy themselves at both Jester King (there were goats!) and Family Business (there were naps!), and i had a healthy sampling of brews from both locations.  One of the (many) highlights was the El Verano from Family Business, a single-hop Juicy IPA that pours a hazy, wheaty gold with a white head and smells of orange, citrus, apricot, tropical fruits, and summer.  The flavor is a wonderful mix of said fruit notes with some melon and a slight hint of bitterness.  And even at 6.6% ABV, it was thirst quenching easy drinker for a warm day.  Happy Father's Day to me.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Real Ale Skullberry Strawberry Milkshake IPA

It was hot as hell here yesterday, a bad omen for the rest of the summer, but at least i had the wonderful and delicious Skullberry, a strawberry milkshake IPA from Real Ale, to cool things off.  The 6.2% ABV brew pours a hazy, unfiltered gold with a solid white head and smells of berries, fruit, mildly dank hops, and maybe just a hint of cream.  The flavor is a sweet mix of berries and hops with a touch of lactose to soften the mouthfeel and a hint of vanilla.  What a fantastic summertime beer.  I imagine i'll be drinking throughout the season.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Compadre Love Buzzzz Golden Ale

So, a couple of weeks ago, i got this idea in my head that i need to hit up as many breweries as possible over the summer, and i settled on the magic number of 40 (though secretly, i'm actually hoping to do 50).  It's an endeavor maybe, especially with the whole full time job and kids and home ownership and stuff, but i think i can do it.  And i'm giving myself from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day know, the summer.  Let's do this!  Anyway, my quest began over Memorial Day Weekend with a lunchtime trip to a brand new brewery in the greater Austin area, Round Rock's Compadre Brewing.  Sampling a few of their wares, the highlight for me was the Love Buzzzz, a 6.3% ABV Golden Ale that poured a nice crisp gold (of course) with a quickly dissipating white head.  The brew smelled of floral and subtle fruit notes with some honey, grain, and hints of spice, the flavor being similar but with a nip of alcohol on the back end, a good lunchtime brew.  Much thanks to Compadre who, knowingly or not, began my stupid quest with me.  Cheers!

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