Monday, December 5, 2016

Brown Sabbath Symptom of the Universe Lager

Austin Latin psych-funk band Brownout's alter ego Brown Sabbath, a Latin psych-funk tribute to Black Sabbath, recently collaborated with the folks over at Independence Brewing to create the Symptom of the Universe, the Brown Sabbath Lager.  Naturally.  The beer pours a nice, crisp, light brown with a foamy white head and smells of malt, bread, and hints of caramel.  The flavor is heavy on the malty side, but light-bodied and easy to drink at 4.6% ABV.  This is certainly one to enjoy at a show.

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And, listen to the band's take on "Symptom of the Universe" from their new record, "Brown Sabbath Vol. II," which you can grab here, below.

Monday, November 28, 2016

3 Nations Texas X-Mas Ale

I can't find much information about the Texas X-Mas Ale from 3 Nations Brewing, but holy cow was it tasty!  From what i can ascertain on the brewery's facebook page, there appear to be two varieties of this fantastic brew, a creme brulee and coffee version and a Mexican chocolate and coffee version.  I had the latter.  Pouring a dark, dark brown, the Texas X-Mas pairs Christmas ale spices, chocolate, and coffee in a light-bodied stout.  The spice and coffee aromas are most prevalent, but give way to some chocolate notes and some very subtle hints of fruit in the flavor.  I believe it comes in around 8% ABV, and i sure hope i can find more of them.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Lakewood Punkel

With pumpkin ale season reaching its end (though Christmas ale season is beginning!), here's one last review on a tasty brew from Lakewood Brewing, the Punkel, a pumpkin spiced take on a Dunkelweizen.  What's a little different about this beer is that there is no actual pumpkin in it, the brew being inspired by the pie more so than the gourd.  Pouring a dark and malty brown, aromas and flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice abound.  The beer smells and tastes like pumpkin pie, albeit with an extra kick from its 5.5% ABV.  This is a great one to finish off the month to.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Infamous Foghorn Redhorn

Collaborations are a good thing, and not just with beer, but especially with beer.  Infamous Foghorn Redhorn is a delicious coffee amber ale created by the fine folks at Austin's Infamous Brewing and Cedar Park's Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing.  This 5.5% ABV concoction pours a murky, cloudy amber and smells of subtle spices and coffee.  The flavor is fantastic, a smooth and crisp amber ale with hints of sweetness and a very fine coffee bitterness.  Nothing overpowers.  Everything meshes beautifully.  Find these while you can.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Austin Beerworks Con Beer

A couple of weeks ago, i made it out to Mondocon III, the third annual festival of pop culture art put on by the good folks from Mondo.  Aside from all of the wonderful and awesome prints and soundtrack LPs available from a plethora of great artists, the convention also garnered up a specially made brew from Austin Beerworks, the Con Beer.  This hoppy lager comes in at 5.5% ABV, and kicks it like a lighter, smoother version of an IPA.  Aromas and flavors of citrus and hops dominate, but in a sessionable kind of way, a great beverage for these endless central Texas summers.  Mondocon is over until next year, but the remaining kegs of beer have made their way to local Alamo Drafthouses here in the Austin area.  Get to it.

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Squatters Outer Darkness

It's Halloween, so it only seems right to post about a seriously evil looking brew...that comes from Utah of all places.  Squatters Craft Beers' Outer Darkness is a dark and heavy Russian Imperial Stout, pouring black as the darkest of hearts with an aromatic and foamy head.  The brew smells of roasted malt and barley with hints of molasses, chocolate, oak, and alcohol.  It's a relatively smooth beer, notes of coffee, chocolate, and dark fruits meshing excellently with the oak and high alcohol (10.5%), all with a bitter bite at the end, a dark and tasty libation for an October evening.  Happy Halloween.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Blue Owl Wee Beastie

Since the explosion of craft breweries began in earnest a few years ago, many make their claim to fame by securing themselves firmly within a particular niche, be it Belgians, IPA's, and so on.  Austin's Blue Owl Brewing specializes in the sour, their collection of fine offerings ranging from tart to "i can't feel my tongue."  The brewer's fall seasonal, the Wee Beastie, a sour Wee Heavy or Scotch ale is definitely one of the more interesting beers i've had the pleasure of imbibing this Autumn.  The brew pours dark and cloudy, with sweet aromas of malt, nuts, and darker fruits permeating from the top of the glass.  It smells delicious.  As for the flavor, the maltiness and nuttiness are definitely present, but fall to the back, the sweet fruit notes at the forefront and the almost overwhelming tartness dominating it all.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  After the initial shock of just how sour the Wee Beastie is, all the other notes begin to come together nicely, creating quite a complex brew.  And, at 8% ABV, it doesn't mess around, a great post meal drink.

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